A Program as Unique as You Are

Our proprietary 500-hour Comprehensive Pilates education program is comprised of a blended education, including in

person training, independent study, and online learning, which ensures that our graduates are well prepared for a career in Pilates.

Your Goals at Your Pace

The Club Pilates Teacher Training program allows you to complete your education on your schedule. Finish in as fast as six months or take up to a year to complete your education.

Full Apparatus Training

Our training includes all Comprehensive Pilates equipment plus bonus workshops in additional apparatus, all in a single program fee.

Study Online & In-Studio

The 500-hour training is comprised of in-studio, hands-on learning on full apparatus, as well as an online lecture platform for 24/7 student access.

Mentorship & Support

You'll have access to your host studio and Master Trainer for one year as you continue on your journey. Learn from experienced instructors as you progress every step of the way!

The Program

Club Pilates Teacher Training is an established, comprehensive program that provides a challenging, yet nurturing, learning environment. It is perfect for dedicated practitioners who are ready to take the next step in their journey or for those looking to follow their passion and pursue Pilates as a career!

In the program, we dive immediately into the structure of the human body – covering anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and applied kinesiology. You’ll use these fundamentals throughout the in-depth and rigorous studio sessions – first learning how the body works and then learning how to apply this knowledge through Pilates exercises. Our robust online training portal gives you continuous access to support materials.

While mastering Pilates techniques, our student teachers learn how to address imbalances and injuries that people face in everyday life. Graduates of our program develop a complete understanding of the musculoskeletal structure and system, gaining valuable insight to help clients suffering from many types of injuries, while safely exercising and challenging individuals of all skill and ability levels. We encourage individuality and creativity while teaching you how to safely apply Pilates fundamentals in both group and private training settings.

Program Dates: